Automation Examples


Automation examples are located in several areas of the documentation.

·      Each object, method, and property contains an example in the automation help. The methods and properties contain only a few lines for the example for those who only need small hints to use the method or property.

·      Click on the Used By link for an example on how to tunnel through the hierarchy to the method or property. The Used By link takes you to the main object. You can copy the main object example plus the method or property example (in most cases) to create a full script.

·      Some methods and properties contain a link showing a full example of the object. Full sample scripts are located in the Automation Examples help book.

·      The SCRIPTS folder in the Voxler directory contains sample .BAS files to use in Scripter. By default, the SCRIPTS folder is located at: C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Voxler 4\Samples\Scripts.

·      Sample scripts are available for download on the Golden Software home page.

·      The online support forum is a location to search previous script discussion for examples. You may also post specific script questions on the forum.



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