Atlas Boundary .BNA File Description


Voxler imports and exports Atlas Boundary files .BNA.


The Atlas Boundary File .BNA is an ASCII format file used to store spatial information including areas, curves, ellipses and points. Spatial information is only concerned with the location of objects in space (i.e., their coordinates) and not with their attributes (such as line or fill style, marker symbol used, text labels, etc.).


File Format


Simple and Compound Areas

Two kinds of areas exist, simple and compound. A simple area contains a starting point, a series of points specifying the area's boundary and a closing point with the same coordinate as the starting point. A compound area contains one or more subareas, such as islands or lakes. Atlas Boundary files use a special technique to specify the subareas comprising compound areas.




Import Options Dialog

No import dialog is displayed.


Import Automation Options

See BNA Import Options


Export Options Dialog

No export dialog is displayed.


Export Automation Options

See BNA Export Options



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