Check for Update

Click the Help | Check for Update command, or click the Check for Update button, to check for the most recent version of Voxler. If there is an update available (i.e. Voxler 4.0 to Voxler 4.1), you can follow the directions to download and install the free update. An update contains minor changes to the program. Normally, no new features are added in updates. See the Golden Software website version information page for a list of changes.




To obtain an upgrade (i.e. Voxler version 3 to Voxler version 4), contact the Golden Software sales department.


Manual Update


Before using this command, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Follow the directions in the dialog to complete the update if an update is available. If you have difficulties with the Help | Check for Update command, please contact technical support.


Steps to check for internet update:

  1. Click the Help | Check for Update command, the Internet Update dialog appears.

  2. Click the Next button to proceed. Voxler will attempt to connect to the Golden Software server and check if an update exists for your version of the product.

  3. If no update exists and you are already running the latest version, a dialog will appear letting you know there are no updates for your current version of Voxler. Click the OK button and the Internet Update program will exit.

  4. If an update is available, the dialog will inform you about the specifics of the update. Click the Next button to download the update file. A progress gauge is displayed. If you choose not to download the update at this time, click the Cancel button. It is highly advised that updates be installed when they are found as updates contain corrections to problems that have been found in the program.

  5. When the download is complete, the Install Updates dialog will appear.

  6. Save any changes to your work and exit the Voxler program by choosing the File | Exit command. Click the Install button to proceed with the update.

  7. After the update is installed successfully, you can open Voxler and continue working.


Automatic Update

Voxler automatically checks for updates periodically. You can turn this update option on, off, or adjust the update interval by choosing the Tools | Options command. The update options are available by checking the Automatically check for updates command on the General page of the Options dialog. It is highly recommend that you keep Automatically check for updates checked so that you are always using the most current version of the program.


Advanced Settings

Internet Update connects to the Golden Software server to obtain the information necessary to update your existing product files to the latest versions available. Some users on corporate networks may need to specify certain Advanced Settings, but most users will not. We recommend you first try using the default settings and only if you encounter connection problems with the Golden Software server should you modify any of the settings.


Some corporate or institutional networks restrict access to computers that are not part of your organization's private network (such as the Golden Software server). One way to do this is to implement a "proxy server" on your private network that must authenticate you (using an ID and a password) before allowing access to the outside computer. Your network administrator will know if this is the case and, if so, the address and port number of your proxy server. (Tell your network administrator you need access to the HTTP server located at


If you must go through a proxy server, choose the Specify proxy server information option and enter the address and port number of the appropriate proxy server. Click the OK button to return to the Internet Update dialog where you may then proceed as described above. If you are prompted for a user name and a password, enter the ones assigned to you by your network administrator. If your user name and password aren't validated, you will be prompted to enter them again. If, after several tries, you are still unable to connect to the Golden Software server, recheck with your network administrator that the proxy server address, port number, user name and password are correct. If you are still unable connect, contact Golden Software technical support.



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