Amira Stacked Images .ASI File Description


The STACKED filter imports bitmap images in the Amira Stacked Slices format.


File Description

Amira stacked images allow a stack of individual image files to be read, with optional z-values for each slice. One or more bitmap images are imported from separate files as specified by a description file. The description file can be created by the user or by another application.


File Format

The description file is an ordinary text file. Any lines in the file that begin with a pound (#) character are assumed to be comments and are ignored. Any other lines must adhere to the format described below.


Typically the file begins with a comment line that reads


# Amira Stacked Slices


Next comes the optional "pathname" line. If present, this line specifies the pathname of the directory where the image files are located. If the pathname line is not present, the software assumes the image files are located in the same directory as the description file. The image files to which the description file refers may include any of the bitmap image file formats supported by the other Voxler filters, such as .JPEG, .BMP, .PNG, .TGA, and so on.




File Name Extensions

The recommended (though not mandatory) file name extension is .ASI.


Format(s) Supported for Import

·      3D uniform lattice; integer data

·      3D rectilinear lattice; integer data


Import Method

Choose the File | Import command.


Import Restrictions/Limitations

The images referenced by any particular description file must all be of the same width and height (in pixels) and have the same color depth (in bits per pixel). If any referenced image differs in dimensions or color depth from the others, an error message displays and the import does not complete.



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