Esri ArcInfo Export Format .E00 File Description


The Esri ArcInfo Export Format filter imports .E00 files.


File Description

Esri ArcInfo Export Format .E00 files are ASCII files containing topological entities and their attributes. They provide a medium of exchange between Esri application programs on different hardware and operating system platforms (Windows, UNIX, etc.). E00 is essentially an interchange data format developed to enable users to move data into and out of ARC/INFO.


File Format

Data in .E00 is an ARC/INFO interchange file format. this is a simple ASCII file which can be opened and viewed using any common text editor (wordpad, notepad, textpad).



File Name Extensions



Import Method

Choose the File | Import command.


Import Options

Specify import options in the Esri ArcInfo Export Format .E00 Import Options dialog.



The E00 file format is not publicly documented by Esri. Although Golden Software has tested this E00 import filter software with a number of publicly available E00 files, it may not be compatible with all E00 files created by all versions of Esri application programs. Golden Software is not affiliated with Esri, and this import filter software is not a product of, nor endorsed by, Esri.



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