Context-Sensitive Help

Use the Context Sensitive Help for help on menu commands, dialogs, buttons, and screen regions.


Context Sensitive Help Button or SHIFT + F1

Click the Help button or press SHIFT+F1 on your keyboard for help on menu commands, tool buttons, and screen regions. The cursor appears as Shift + F1. Click the item for which help is desired and the Voxler help window appears. This method will produce a detailed help page for the item of interest.


F1 Key

Highlight a menu command, window region, or dialog, and press the F1 key to display help for the highlighted item.


Help Button in Dialogs and Property Manager

The dialogs and the Property Manager contain a help button. To obtain information about a specific module, click the module once in the Network Manager to select it. All of the module properties appear in the Property Manager. Click the button in the Property Manager and the Voxler help window appears with information specific to the selected object.


Click the button in the dialog title bar to obtain help for that dialog.



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