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There are several ways to obtain help in Voxler:


Getting Help from the Help Menu

Within Voxler, the online help file is opened with the Help | Contents or Help | Tutorial commands. Alternatively, press F1 at anytime to open the Voxler Help window and access the help books and help pages.


Navigating the Help

You can navigate the Voxler Help window using the Contents, Index, Search, and Favorites pages. See Help Contents for details on navigating the Voxler Help window.


Obtaining Information about Dialogs and Commands

To obtain information about dialogs or highlighted commands:


Internet Help Resources

There are several Internet help resources.


What’s New in Voxler

Discover the new features in Voxler 4 that make the product easier to use. New features are also listed on the Golden Software website.


Complete the Voxler Tutorial

The tutorial is a great way to get started in Voxler. The tutorial is designed to introduce you to some of Voxler's basic features. After you have completed the tutorial, you should be able to begin creating your own projects. The lessons should be completed in order; however, they do not need to be completed in one session. If you are using the demo version of Voxler, you will not be able to complete some of the tutorial steps that require saving or exporting. The demo version is a fully functional read-only version of the program. When this is a factor it is noted in the text and you are directed to proceed to the next step that can be accomplished with the demo.


A Note About the Documentation

The Voxler documentation includes the online help and the quick start guide. Use the Help | Contents command in the program to access the detailed online help. Information about each command and feature in Voxler is included in the online help. In the event the information cannot be located in the online help, other sources of Voxler help include our support forum, frequently asked questions, knowledge base, and contacting our technical support engineers.



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