SEG-Y Seismic Data Log .SGY, .SEGY Files


The SEGY filter imports SEG-Y seismic data log files as point sets or two-dimensional lattices.


File Description

Each SEG-Y file contains one or more "traces," which are digital representations of amplitude samples as recorded by a paper tape seismic recorder (or modern paperless equivalent).


File Name Extensions



Format(s) Supported for Import

·      2D uniform lattice; 8-,16-bit integer, float

·      point set; 8-,16-bit integer, float


Import Method

Choose the File | Import command.


Import Options

Several options appear in the SEGY Import Options dialog. Specify import options in the Lattice Import Options dialog



It is possible for SEG-Y files to have zeros or nonsensical values in the trace coordinates. When this is the case, coordinates from 0 to N will be automatically generated upon import. The coordinate scaling information from the trace headers will be applied to the generated coordinates.


Import Restrictions/Limitations

Since many SEG-Y files in the real world deviate from the SEG-Y specification, the user may need to know exactly what format the SEG-Y data is encoded in and set the Import Options dialog sections appropriately; otherwise, the data may not import successfully.




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