LAS File Description

Log ASCII Standard (.LAS) files are a type of well data file that is common to many logging operations.


File Description

The file format is maintained by the Canadian Well Logging Society. and comes in various versions. Each file can contain different logs, different header information, and different parameter information. Voxler reads the well name and log information from the .LAS file.  Specific logs can be imported in the LAS Import Options Dialog. Trajectory information and collar data is not imported from the .LAS file.  This data will need to be imported from a data file.


File Format

The top section of a .LAS file contains version information. This determines the .LAS file format compatibility. Voxler imports version 1.2, 2.x, and most 3.x LAS files. The next section contains well information. The starting and ending depth values, and the location information is in this section. Although this information is not read by Voxler, the file can be opened in a text editor and copied into the Set well top section in the LAS Import Options dialog. The next section contains curve names and units. The curve names are used to name the logs in Voxler. The final section contains the log data values. These are imported into the various logs for the well.


File Name Extensions



Import Method

Choose the File | Import command.


Import Options

Specify the import options in the LAS Import Options dialog.



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