AVSX .X, .XIMG Files


The AVSX filter imports and exports 32-bit per pixel color bitmap images from AVS X-Image .X and .XIMG files.


File Description

The AVS X-Image format originated on UNIX workstations and is typically used to store true-color images containing an alpha channel, a feature that most other image file formats lacked at the time this file format was developed.


File Format

An AVS X-Image file is a binary file containing a raster image with 8-bits each for the red, green, blue, and alpha channels (32 bits total per pixel).


File Name Extensions



Format(s) Supported for Import

device-independent bitmap; 32 bit per pixel RGBA


Format(s) Supported for Export

device-independent bitmap; 32 bit per pixel RGBA


Import Method

Choose the File | Import command.


Export Method

Choose the File | Export command or select an image module and choose the File | Save Data command.



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