Analyze 7.5 Medical Image .HDR, .IMG Files


The Analyze 7.5 Medical Image filter imports and exports Analyze 7.5 medical image data sets as uniform lattices.


File Description

Analyze 7.5 Medical Image .HDR, .IMG files allow medical images (such as MRI's) to be displayed. An ANALYZE image database consists of at least two files; an image file .IMG and a header file .HDR. The files have the same name being distinguished by the extensions.


Analyze 7.5 format can contain multiple volumes (i.e., time points), each volume with multiple slices (i.e., Z dimensions), each slice with X and Y dimensions and each pixel (i.e., node) with possible multiple components. Each volume should have the same X, Y and Z dimension and component info.


File Format

The format of the image file is simple and typically contains uncompressed pixel data for the images. The header file typically describes the dimensions and history of the pixel data. The header structure consists of three substructures; the header_key describes the header, the image_dimension describes the image sizes, and the data_history is optional.


The header format is flexible and can be extended for new user-defined data types. The essential structures of the header are the header_key and the image_dimension. The data_history substructure is not required, but the orient field is used to indicate individual slice orientation.


File Name Extensions



.HDR, which describes the data set; and .IMG, which contains the image data.


Format(s) Supported for Import

3D uniform lattice; 8-, 16-, 32-bit integer, float, double


Format(s) Supported for Export

3D uniform lattice; 8-, 16-, 32-bit integer, float, double


Import Method

Choose the File | Import command.


Export Method

Select a lattice or image module and choose the File | Save Data command.


Export Options

See Export Blanking Options. See Analyze 7.5 Medical Image .HDR, .IMG Export Options Dialog.



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