PLOT3D Import Options Dialog


The PLOT3D Import Options dialog allows you to specify the encoding, grid format, presence or absence of blanking data, and zones of an imported .P3D or .XYZ file.


PLOT3D Import Options Dialog

This dialog appears when the File | Import command is chosen and PLOT-3D (*.p3d, *.xyz) is chosen as the import file type.


PLOT3D Import Options
Use the
PLOT3D Import Options dialog to specify
options for the imported .P3D or .XYZ file.



The Encoding option specifies how the data values are encoded in the Plot-3d files. Select Raw binary, Formatted ASCII, or FORTRAN unformatted.


Grid Format

The Grid Format option specifies which of the four possible structures of the Plot-3d data set is contained in the import file. Choose Structured grid, Unstructured grid, Scalar function file, or Vector function file.


Blanking Data

The Blanking Data option specifies whether blanking data is present in or absent from the imported file. Select Absent or Present.



The Zones option specifies whether the data in the imported file is stored in Single or Multiple zone format.



Click the OK button to proceed with the import process.



Click the Cancel button to close the dialog without importing.



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