Adobe Portable Document Format .PDF File Description


The Adobe Portable Document filter exports .PDF files.


File Description

Portable Document Format .PDF is a file format used for document exchange. Portable document format is used for representing two-dimensional documents. PDF was created by Adobe Systems.


File Format

A .PDF file consists primarily of eight object types.

·      Boolean values, representing true or false

·      Numbers

·      Strings

·      Names

·      Arrays, ordered collections of objects

·      Dictionaries, collections of objects indexed by Names

·      Streams, usually containing large amounts of data

·      The Null object


File Name Extensions




A GeoPDF file is a PDF file with a georeferenced coordinate system. Voxler can import a GeoPDF file and will honor the defined coordinate system.


Import Options

Use File | Import to import a PDF (Raster) (*.PDF) or PDF (Vector) (*.PDF) file. The PDF Import Options dialog is displayed.


Export Options

Use the File | Export command to export as a PDF (Raster) (*.PDF) file.


Export Method

Choose the File | Export command or choose the File | Save Data command to save as a PDF (Raster) (*.PDF) file. Alternately, use the File | Print command to print to a PDF driver if you have one installed.



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