Excel Spreadsheet .XLS, .XLSM, and .XLSX Files


The XLS filter imports and exports tabular data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files.


File Description

Unlike the other spreadsheet file formats supported by Voxler, the Excel file format allows multiple pages or "worksheets" in a single Excel file. When you import an Excel file containing multiple worksheets, you are given the option to select which worksheet(s) to import.


File Name Extensions



Format(s) Supported for Import

tabular data; double


Format(s) Supported for Export

tabular data; double


Import Method

Choose the File | Import command to import the file into a Data Source module. Choose the File | Open command to open the file in the worksheet.


Export Method

Click the File | Save As command in the worksheet. Alternatively, select a data module in the Network Manager and choose the File | Save Data command. Both .XLS and .XLSX files can be saved from Voxler. After typing a name for the .XLS format, the XLS Export Options dialog is displayed.


Other Notes

Excel .XLS file formats have a 65,536 row limit and a 256 column limit. Excel .XLSX file formats have a 1,048,576 row limit and a 16,384 column limit. Font color is maintained when opening XLSX and XLSM files in the worksheet. However XLS files are opened with black font, regardless of font color in the XLS file.



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