Introduction to Voxler®

Welcome to Voxler, a three-dimensional scientific visualization program oriented primarily toward volumetric rendering and three-dimensional data display. While the emphasis is on three-dimensional volumes, Voxler can also utilize two-dimensional grids including DEM files, images, and scattered point data. Voxler can display streamlines, vector plots, contour maps, isosurfaces, image slices, three-dimensional scatter plots, direct volume rendering, 3D blocks, well traces, and more. Computational modules include three-dimensional gridding, resampling, numerous lattice operations, and image processing. Voxler is designed for displaying XYZC data, where C is a variable at each X, Y, and Z location.


With Voxler, you can create stunning graphics output for your true three-dimensional models. Models can be sliced, displayed at any angle, and even animated with a simple mouse movement. Standard or custom colorization can be applied to the models.

Create stunning 3D graphics like this one by
combining multiple map types. This example shows
a vector plot, stream lines, and a bounding box.


Who Uses Voxler?

People from many different disciplines use Voxler. The geosciences generate large amounts of volumetric data from drill cores, seismic studies, ground penetrating radar, subsurface mapping, and remote sensing. Another source of data is from medical imaging generated by CT and MRI scans. Meteorological data, high-resolution microscopy, flow fields, and groundwater modeling are also sources for volumetric data. Voxler users include archeologists, climatologists, educators, engineers, doctors, hydrogeologists, geologists, geophysicists, medical researchers, students, and more. Anyone wanting to visualize the relationship of their three-dimensional data with stunning graphical output will benefit from Voxler's powerful features!


System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for Voxler are:


Voxler system requirements can also be found at:



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