Voxler User Interface Overview

Voxler uses multi-threading to keep the user interface responsive, even with computationally intensive background tasks. The user interface architecture is based on a multiple tabbed documents model. This allows multiple project and worksheet documents to be open simultaneously.


Voxler uses a visualization network to represent data, processing paths, and output. All data and modules for the current project are visible in the Network Manager. Select a module to modify the module properties in the Property Manager. The graphical output from a module is displayed in the Viewer window. The Network Manager, Module Manager, Property Manager, and Viewer window are discussed in more detail in the Voxler User Interface. Voxler files can be saved, exported to a variety of file formats, or recorded using the capture video command.


Several data types can be loaded into Voxler. Once the
data are loaded, you can select modules applicable to
the data. The data can be visualized and exported.



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