TIFF Image Export Options Dialog


The Export Options dialog allows you to choose the compression, output format, and background transparency of an exported .TIFF file.


Export Options Dialog

Choose the File | Export command or choose the File | Save Data command and select TIF/TIFF Tagged Image (TIFF) (*. tif, *.tiff) as the output file type to open the TIFF Options page of the Export Options dialog.


Export Options
Specify details of an exported .TIF file in
the Export Options dialog.



No compression results in a very large output file size. Packbits compression involves finding repeated data values; as a result, it is a good choice for images without large color ranges. Deflate is a dictionary encoding method that produces significant reduction in file size without losing any image information.


Output Format

Choose from a variety of strip and tile output formats. The option In one strip containing the entire image is recommended for most uses and is compatible with most software.


The Output Format options are:

In one strip containing the entire image

In strips of 1 scanline each

In strips of 16 scanlines each

In strips of 64 scanlines each

In tiles of 64 x 64 pixels each

In tiles of 256 x 256 pixels each


Multi-Plane Lattice Splitting

Check the Split Multi-Plane Lattices box to write output lattices as a series of single plane images (compatible with most software). Uncheck this box to write output lattices as single images with a TIFF IMAGEDEPTH tag greater than one (compatible with SGI image library software).



Check the Application background (if applicable) check box to export the image with a transparent background. To export the image with the transparent background, the Color depth on the Size and Color page of the Export Options dialog must be set to 4-bit color indexed, 8-bit color indexed, or 32-bit color w/ alpha.



Click the OK button to save your changes, export the file, and close the dialog.



Click the Cancel button to close the dialog without saving your changes or exporting the file.



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