View Menu Commands


Fit to Window

Scale the view so the scene fits within the window


Rotate the scene via a trackball interface

Zoom Realtime

Zoom the view in or out by dragging the mouse up or down


Reposition the scene by dragging it within the Viewer window


Turn the headlight on or off

World Axis Triad

Turn the world axis triad viewer (in the lower right corner of the Viewer window) on or off

Defined Views

Set the direction from which the scene is viewed in the Viewer window


Set the current projection to perspective or orthographic

Still Draw Style

Set the current still draw style

Animating Draw Style

Set the current animating draw style

Transparency Type

Set the current transparency type


Reset the camera to the home position

Set Home

Set the home view to the current view

Camera Properties

Change the camera view properties


Choose to view the toolbars


Show or hide the Network Manager, Property Manager, or Module Manager

Status Bar

Show or hide the status bar

Reset Windows

Resets window display to the default layout



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