Lattice Source Modules

Lattice source modules are created when a grid or lattice file is loaded into the Network Manager using the File | Import command. A lattice consists of a one-, two-, or three-dimensional array of data. Lattice files typically contain X, Y, Z, and component information.



Defined from the lattice defined in the file.



Depending on the type of lattice imported, the lattice source module may be connected to the Graphics Output Modules or Computational Modules. An Info Module may also be connected to the output node.



Lattice source module properties include various statistics about the loaded data set and a section that allows the coordinate limits to be changed. Click on the lattice source module in the Network Manager to display the properties in the Property Manager. The lattice source module properties are described below.

Select a lattice module in the
Network Manager
to display its properties in the
Property Manager.


The Info module contains the following tabs in the Property Manager:



General Options

You can change the File path of

lattice source modules in the Property Manager.


File Path

The path of the loaded source file appears next to File path. Click the button to the right of the file path to display the Open dialog. The Open dialog appears. The currently loaded file name is display in the File name section. The path for the current file is shown. Click the Open button to reload the current file. This can be used to update the network after the data file has been modified.


Alternatively browse and select a new file. Click the Open button to load the new file. The dialog closes and the selected file is loaded. If the new file does not display geometry information, a warning message will appear and the original file remains.


When a source file that contains multiple layers is selected, the Select Dataset dialog appears. Select the correct layer and click OK. That layer is imported to replace the existing data. If the new file format is not compatible with the currently specified file format, an warning message will appear.


Dataset Type

The Dataset type displays the type of data set to which this module is connected. This property cannot be changed.



Click the View Data button next to the Worksheet command to display the data in a worksheet view. The Lattice View dialog opens.


Component Type

The Component type details the type of data associated with each data component.  This property cannot be changed.


Number of Components

The Number of components shows the number of data components per node. This property cannot be changed.


Component Limits

The Component limits display the limits for each data component. This property cannot be changed.



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